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  • Passion, trustworthiness and empathy are the words that describe Pentapyramid approach and relationship with their clients. Good luck and keep it up!

    May El Khoury
    Managing Partner at Taozeef
  • It is just amazing to be in a room full of amazing and genuine souls, so thank you for everyone being so genuine and passionate and not shying away from who you really are. For me, the biggest excitement is to find a tool that actually measures coaching and training. The biggest challenge is measurability and the ability to just say, you know, we know it works — Coaching, we know Training works. And measuring the root cause and effectiveness is a big deal. Thank you Charles, thank you Sara, thank you Soheir, thank you everyone.

    Director at Skyrocket Performance
  • I came here because I was really interested in finding ways how to improve my business and how to use Harrison Assessments in my business. It opened a lot of ideas that I did not already have and I actually want to also apply it in my personal life as well.

    Diala Khoury
    Managing Director at Phoenix & Co
  • I’ve had the pleasure of attending this 3-days certification program on the Harrison assessment tool. In the many years that I’ve been involved in business of our training and consultancy business I’ve come across several tools that we’ve used in the past. This by far have been the most amazing tool that I’ve come across. It’s simply a 20 min. assessment which will decipher the DNA of any individual or any organization. So in a nutshell, the last 3 days have been a real eye opener, a fantastic tool that I recommend to any individual and any organization to use.

    Merella Karam
    Director at Australian Studies & Management Consultancy

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